Our History

Metalworking company established in 1988 as a manufacturer of washer dies. Thanks to continuous technological improvement, over time we have expanded our expertise areas and started to build progressive tools and deep-drawing tools for multiple product sectors and with different materials.

With the progress of new technologies, we are constantly improving and optimizing the production process by focusing on the automation of processing and efficiency of our products.

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What We Do

We design and manufacture tools for multiple product sectors such as automotive, shelving, household appliance, bicycle and motorcycle. Our products process a wide range of materials such as: sheet Fe, stainless steel, aluminum and brass with thicknesses ranging between 0.1 and 12 mm.

We take the project from the idea to the finished product, which means being able to design based on the customer’s idea or indications.

What We Believe In

Venzo Stampi S.r.l. recognizes as its goal the satisfaction of its Customers, its employees and the Health and Safety of workers, integral parts in every action and decision.

Venzo Stampi S.r.l. is committed to operating in compliance with current Occupational Health and Safety regulations and to seeking continuous improvement in its performance.  

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